December 10, 2019

Chelco VAT Weight Challenge turns kilos lost into Euros earned

LimassolA total of 57 kilos were lost during this year’s Chelco VAT Weight Challenge, raising €300 for charity.

Winners of the Weight Challenge were Costas Tsielepis & Co Audit Supervisor, Sonia Andreades and Tax Consultant, Ermos Christodoulou, who lost seven kilos each.

The ‘Chelco VAT Weight Challenge – Just for the Health of It!’ campaign started in September with a weigh in of all participating staff of Chelco VAT Ltd and allied companies who then set out to lose weight through company-sponsored health seminars, one-on-one nutrition consultations and more.

What matters is the difference in weight of staff members at the beginning of the Challenge and at the end.

At the final weigh in on 6 December, Chelco VAT contributed €5 for each kilo lost while those who stayed the same weight had to contribute €5. Those who put on weight had to pay €3 for each kilo gained.

The two winners jointly decided to allocate the money that was raised to an underprivileged Limassol family in need.

The Chelco VAT Weight Challenge was first organised in 2015 and besides raising money for a worthy cause, it also aims at infusing a healthier lifestyle in the office and demonstrating that a healthy mind goes hand in hand with a healthy body.

Pictured in the photo are the winners, Sonia Andreades and Ermos Christodoulou.