May 28, 2020

Cyprus announces new economic package to boost economy

Nicosia - President Nicos Anastasiades announced in a televised address last night a new set of economic measures to help businesses, the self-employed and employees soften the devastating financial effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.…
May 13, 2020

Tax Department extends opening hours

Nicosia - The Cyprus Tax Department has extended its opening hours from 18 May to 31 May 2020. Beyond their normal business hours of 8.30am to 2.30pm daily, the Department will also accept visitors at…

News Archive

May 05, 2020

Covid-19 gone from Cyprus in late May

Singapore - A Singapore University of Technology and Design study predicted that the Covid-19 virus will be eradicated in Cyprus in the second half… Click here to read more.
May 04, 2020

Tax Department contact details

The Cyprus Tax Department recently published a list of contact details of their District Offices and other useful information, in an effort to promote… Click here to read more.
April 21, 2020

VAT to the Rescue – New Measures Announced for Monthly Submissions and Prepayments

A short history On 2 April 2020, the Council of Ministers issued decree ΚΔΠ(Δ) 145/2020, published in the Cyprus Gazette, through which it obliged… Click here to read more.
March 30, 2020

Προσωρινή αναστολή επιβαρύνσεων και τόκων ΦΠΑ στην Κύπρο

Σε συνέχεια των ενημερωτικών μας δελτίων τ.7 τ.1 και τ.7 τ.2 η Κύπρος τελικά αποφάσισε την αναστολή επιβαρύνσεων και τόκων στο Φόρο Προστιθέμενης Αξίας… Click here to read more.
March 30, 2020

VAT to the Rescue – Penalties and interest waived

Further to our VAT Updates v.7 i.1 and v.7 i.2, Cyprus has eventually decided to waive penalties and interest on Value Added Tax (VAT)… Click here to read more.
March 23, 2020

VAT Office operations

As a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures being implemented across all public service departments, the processes and operations of the district VAT Offices… Click here to read more.