March 30, 2020

Προσωρινή αναστολή επιβαρύνσεων και τόκων ΦΠΑ στην Κύπρο

Σε συνέχεια των ενημερωτικών μας δελτίων τ.7 τ.1 και τ.7 τ.2 η Κύπρος τελικά αποφάσισε την αναστολή επιβαρύνσεων και τόκων στο Φόρο Προστιθέμενης Αξίας (ΦΠΑ) για συγκεκριμένο χρονικό διάστημα αλλά όχι την μείωση των συντελεστών…
March 30, 2020

VAT to the Rescue – Penalties and interest waived

Further to our VAT Updates v.7 i.1 and v.7 i.2, Cyprus has eventually decided to waive penalties and interest on Value Added Tax (VAT) for a period of time but did not reduce its rate.…

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March 23, 2020

VAT Office operations

As a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures being implemented across all public service departments, the processes and operations of the district VAT Offices… Click here to read more.
March 20, 2020

VAT to the Rescue – Updated

Further to our VAT Update v.7 i.1 of 17 March 2020 regarding the recruitment of Value Added Tax (VAT) by the Cyprus government to… Click here to read more.
March 17, 2020

VAT to the Rescue

Value Added Tax (VAT) has been recruited by the Cyprus government to help curtail the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the local… Click here to read more.
March 16, 2020

Cyprus in state of emergency

Nicosia – The Cyprus government declared yesterday a state of emergency due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and essentially locked down the country. In… Click here to read more.
March 04, 2020

Unemployment in Cyprus drops to 6.3%

Nicosia - The number of unemployed persons in the 4th quarter of 2019 amounted to 6,3% of the labour force or 28.481 persons, according… Click here to read more.
February 19, 2020

Cayman Islands on tax-haven blacklist

Brussels - British overseas territory the Cayman Islands has been placed on an EU tax-haven blacklist, along with Palau, Panama, and the Seychelles. The… Click here to read more.