"The history of learning amounts
to a history of specialisation."- Beryl Smalley
"It’s not what we put into it.
It’s what the client gets out of it."- Unknown
"Difficulties mastered
are opportunities won."- Winston Churchill

We warmly welcome you to Chelco VAT Ltd, dedicated VAT services consultants.

With more and more governments turning towards indirect taxes as a means of revenue and at a time when cross-border selling of goods and services is rising, the importance of VAT planning and compliance is now greater than ever.

The environment in which the value added tax system operates in each Member State of the European Union is particularly dynamic, given the frequency of important amendments to EU VAT Legislation over recent years with many more waiting in the pipeline. Diligently monitoring clarifications on VAT matters from the European Court of Justice as well as from the national courts of Member States, further adds to the complexity of this tax.

It is for this reason that Chelco VAT has been created. It operates as a boutique service provider and specialises in strategic VAT planning and VAT consulting. It is also a leader in the organisation of high-level VAT seminars and workshops.

Our philosophy is simple and straightforward. We follow a client-centric approach, are dedicated to analysing the detail and to meeting deadlines. We are also committed to exceeding expectations. Similarly, our like-minded associates across the EU and beyond have been carefully chosen to reflect our unwavering values.

At Chelco VAT, we strongly believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients and working alongside them as partners to produce tangible and measurable results. After all, it’s not what we put into it that matters. It’s what our clients get out of it.

We look forward to addressing your VAT needs and challenges and to welcoming you to our organisation.