We are back!

Covid-19 has affected our lives in ways that were inconceivable just a few months ago. Not since the 2013 economic crisis has Cyprus collectively shared an experience of this kind: a single, lingering crisis, structuring the rhythm of our daily lives within a complex calculus of risk and competing probabilities.

But even though the pandemic has dominated our thoughts and shifted our priorities, there are a few things that still demand our undivided attention and should not be overlooked. Like Value Added Tax (VAT).

They say that Covid-19 negatively affects the memory. So we decided to put together a memory-jogging seminar on VAT. Covid-CoVAT will explore the very basics of the VAT workings, again, for the first time.

During this half-day, morning seminar, we will follow two imaginary persons who will be involved in a number of, mostly common, transactions. Through active discussion, the participants will themselves analyze the VAT behind each supply in the numerous practical examples that will be presented. Through this, we will build up an understanding of how VAT works. By the end of the seminar, participants will feel more confident about their understanding of how VAT is applied and administered.

If you are new to the world of VAT, if you have some basic knowledge but would like to solidify your VAT understanding, or if you feel like plugging VAT-knowledge-gaps (mind the gap), then join us for an invigorating, stimulating and revitalizing, post Covid-19 (Wave 1), summery VAT seminar!

The seminar will cover the following areas of VAT:

  • How VAT is applied, collected and paid
  • How to understand who should charge VAT and when
  • The circumstances when VAT is not imposed
  • How VAT is ‘deducted’
  • The VAT rates
  • Covid-19 VAT changes

Due to social distancing and Covid-19 health & safety regulations that will be strictly enforced at the seminar, seats are limited!

Download the seminar brochure in ENGLISH


Professionals dealing with VAT matters in all industries and at all levels, who would like to expand or enhance their VAT knowledge:

Persons working with VAT in bookkeeping departments and audit firms
Trainee Accountants and Auditors
Tax and VAT Advisors
VAT Department Officers



Alexis Tsielepis, BSc, FCA
Managing Director
Chelco VAT Ltd


Alexis is widely considered as the foremost expert on VAT in Cyprus. With over 20 years of experience in VAT strategic consulting, he advises businesses on international VAT matters and lectures at local and international VAT conferences and schools.

Alexis possesses an extensive vocational and educational experience in European VAT and a detailed comprehension of EU VAT matters and decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). He teaches at various VAT International Schools and sits on various committees charged with VAT matters. His work includes liaising with the Cyprus tax authorities and government on policy making.

He has written a number of tax syllabuses, chapters, articles and a book on matters pertaining to Cyprus and EU VAT.

Alexis is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and holds the Expert in European Value Added Tax Degree, which he earned with the highest grade ever awarded in the history of the coveted diploma. He is a founding member and the Vice-Chairman of the Cyprus VAT Association (CYVA).


Covid-CoVAT: Back to the Basics

Date & Venue Limassol
Friday, 31 July 2020, Columbia Plaza Venue Centre
Time 9:00am – 1:00pm (registration at 8.30am)
4 CPD Units (certificates of attendance will be provided)
Cost €175 + VAT
Group Discount (for 3 persons or more): 15%
Due to Covid-19 health & safety regulations, seats are limited!
Language English